7 Ways Electronics Injure Our Mental Health (A Mental Health Therapist Will Agree)

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Technology has come such a long way, from the first telephone up to now with the ever-changing smartphone. It is a never-ending evolution of technology that has dramatically changed the way we live. Nowadays, we can communicate with anyone, and anywhere with a simple touch of a button. We can work from home, buy food and things, pay our bills, and do our stuff without stepping out of our homes. These are all the positive things that we have because of the power of technology, but other factors can negatively affect not just our physical health, but also our mental state. A mental health therapist will agree with these ways.

Below are the seven ways that electronics affect our mental health.

Electronic Devices Causes A Sensory Overload That Affects Our Focus And Attention.

Faced-paced images on television and also on phones can overload brain sensory. The mind goes into overdrive and cannot process slow moving actions or even slow or normal – paced activities. This is the cause of children having a difficult time focusing and concentrating on other activities. This then causes ADHD in children and increased by 800% from 1980 through 2007.

Excessive Social Media Use And Smart Phones Can Lead To Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior.

Do you notice yourself continually checking your phone for any messages or just absent-mindedly scrolling through your social media feed? This can be a form of compulsive behavior that can lead to OCD. Studies also show that people who overly use electronics have brain degeneration, mostly on the frontal lobe of the brain that is responsible for planning and impulsive control. Gaming and excessive use of gadgets cause this.

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Electronic Devices And Internet Use Can Promote Addictive Behaviors.

The internet could provide you with everything. From shopping online to finding a date, you could do it all on the internet. These things could ultimately make you addicted. With only a click, you could find everything, and you can even engage with people without seeing them.

Social media can help you with anonymity, and people can have a thrill with hiding their identities. This can also allow people to be bolder and aggressive and can lead to violence or cybercrime. The feeling they experience is the same feeling a person with an addiction has, and some people go overboard with their anonymity that can also become harmful.

Electronics Can Make People Incapable Of Connecting With Others.

You might think that this is not true because social media encourages you from socializing to anyone from anywhere around the world, but other people have a hard time connecting with others in a more personal note. Socializing face to face with someone else can get awkward, and you wouldn’t be able to read their expressions because you are used to talking on the phone or typing what you want to say. This can develop anxiety with meeting new people or interacting with others. Spending so much time on the telephone or television can harm your family and loved ones. You might feel disconnected with your family, and you may lack intimacy with your partner.

Being Dependent To Electronics Can Lead To Loss Of Creativity And Spatial Abilities.

The ability to think and plan is lost because of the dependency we have on technology. We can have help in finding our destination with just listening to our GPS. We can copy and paste from the internet and have an essay about any topic given to us. We do not exercise our minds to think and be creative anymore because we know that everything we need and everything we need to do can be found on the internet. There is no more thrill discovering places and finding out some new technique because we have the internet and our devices to back us up.

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Too Much Exposure To Electronic Device Screens Can Lead To Depression.

The blue light from the screens mimics daylight, and with that illuminating our night, our body does not produce enough melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone responsible for our sleep, and with lack of sleep, a person can develop depression and other serious mental illness.

Electronic Gadgets Can Boost Mood Dysregulation Disorder.

This behavioral problem is characterized by constant irritability of children and adolescents. Children and adolescents who spend too much time on their screen can have this condition. They are irritable and have random outbursts and tantrums for no reason. This is also associated with bipolar disorder in children because they show the same symptoms and about 2 to 5 percent of children have this condition.

Do We Have A Remedy For Mental Health Problems Caused By Electronics?

Limiting yourself and your children with screen time can drastically change their behaviors. Disciplining them and letting them have information about this problem can help them understand why you are doing such actions. It is better to prevent them from developing mental illness, and giving them activities that will keep them occupied can be a good start.

Benefits Of Securing Your Business Data Through Netsweeper

As more members of the family become enamored by the ease of viewing products and making purchases online, many business owners attempt to extend their storefront through the internet and increase their virtual presence. You may see various companies promoting their digital shops these days, regardless of how fresh or old their brands may be. Everyone seems to be aware of the profitability of embracing this technological trend.

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Nevertheless, the success that your business may experience in the web is directly proportional to the amount of risk you be exposed yourself to. The higher your sales are, after all, the more it pulls the attention of cybercriminal groups that might be lurking to steal information or money.

A typical step that business folks take upon knowing that their online security may get threatened at some point is to employ Netsweeper’s reporting and manageability solutions. Here are the undeniable benefits of doing so.

Have Access To An Excellent Management Platform

Businesses need a web space where you and your staff can all commune to plan the services that you can offer, consider your web security options, and determine how the company can achieve its goals. Well, you can now perform such tasks and more without worrying about someone hacking into your system since Netsweeper has IT administrators who can safeguard your business information well.

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Save Your Data From Human Errors And Criminal Acts

Big or small internet businesses may have an electric generator on hand to ensure that their services will not be immensely affected by power interruptions. The problem with it, though, is that it cannot protect any file that you have from being accidentally deleted by new personnel or when the device you stock them into collapses beyond repair. Because of that, it’s great to have Netsweeper’s integrated backup and restoration settings on your side to guarantee that all the details in your database will not be lost or damaged.

Receive Trigger-Based Incident Alerts Promptly

You can manage what is going on on your website even if you do not spend hours every day in front of the computer. You see, the web filtering company gives you the opportunity to receive incident web alerts as soon as they happen. What it means is that you may sort out the issues before they worsen.

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Allow Temporary Bypass Controls On Block Page

Having temporary bypass controls on block pages help the company to receive detailed, granular reporting (per use or group). Some individuals or teams, after all, need to be able to access the entire network so that the online business tasks can be accomplished more smoothly. By employing Netsweeper’s services, the administrators of the website can set which parts of the site will be made available to them at any time and for how long.

Provide On Box Reporting Engine

Business owners can make reports on a specific box provided within the same engine. It will let you utilize your time and efforts in upgrading the website’s reporting and manageability solutions. Nevertheless, if it turns out to be an impractical service, your company opt for a separate reporting server.

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Other Reporting And Manageability Benefits From Netsweeper

Site/URL Specific Reporting

There is a particular URL for every clickable page on the website. You can obtain reports about these links or the site in general to get an idea about the deeds that have transpired there.

Real-Time Reporting

You can also request for real-time reporting, which constitutes receiving immediate information regarding the changes made on your site. This way, you won’t feel shocked if someone alters parts of it.

Scheduled Reporting

Scheduled reporting is beneficial for business owners who wish to acquire comprehensive intelligence at certain points of the day, week or month. You will be able to set the exact time as well when the reports should be delivered.

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Centralized Reporting

Since a virtual store is not like an actual shop where you can scope every section of it, it tends to be difficult for the proprietors to keep up with its daily activities. Luckily, centralized reporting allows you to see a detailed account of the site’s security, traffic, and utility – among other things – in one view.

Correlation And Prioritized Reporting

Netsweeper also provides a high-performance security information and event management (SIEM) resolution. Its function is to aid in interpreting and analyzing the data that go in the correlation and prioritized reports.

Final Thoughts

Internet security is a central factor of your business that you should always take into consideration Do not let your online store become easy prey for hackers, phishers, and malicious software developers. Other than protecting your possessions, you need to ensure that the personal details that your customers have entrusted to you are safe as well.

Fortunately, there are now web filtering companies like Netsweeper that have reporting and manageability solutions suited up for your internet business’s essentials. You won’t then feel too defenseless against cyber attacks in the future. All that’s left to do is find out what kinds of services your business requires.

Good luck!

Technology And Its Effect In The Younger Society

When can we say that technology is becoming a bad thing? We know that it makes our lives feel better because it makes our everyday task easier. It helps all individuals in a lot of ways that we often depend on it in almost everything. So how come others see it negatively and wants people to refrain from using technology too much?

The Undeniable Truth

Technology is so overwhelming that people ignore the negative impact of its excessive usage. Honestly, it is everywhere we go. Not only do adults prefer using it, but even children are also getting hooked up on the latest gadgets and devices. They begin to get caught up in a “technology fever” that they can’t seem to get away with no matter how hard they try. We can say that it has become the life of future generations. Meaning, it’s already part of the current lifestyle, and there’s nothing we can do to stop its growing innovation.

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Perhaps the alarming part of technology is its effect on younger minds. When you think about it, children under the age of two are already exposed to excessive use of television. For those who belong to the five-to-eight age category, you’ll see that almost half of these kids already have their smartphones. That’s entirely not okay.

Health Concerns

Most health experts firmly believe that kids under the age of ten shouldn’t overexpose themselves on television and smartphones. Not only it does create a negative impact on their psychological development, but it also hinders them to understand their personality. In some unfortunate instances, it brings kids to a different level of mental degradation where they won’t be able to identify the importance of mental wellness.

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One greater misconception about technology in kids is all about the enhancement of their learning capabilities. People somehow believe that watching television with child-friendly programs in it help kids achieve improved learning. However, some particular studies and experiment show an opposite result. Kids who spent most of their time watching televised kids shows have fewer vocabularies than those children who are not watching at all. That’s perhaps due to the less quality time that parents spend with their kids. Because instead of learning and understanding things from actual conversation, children are forced to learn vocabulary through a repeated flow.

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Well, it’s not that technology is a bad thing. Maybe all we need is to find the right balance that will make us both appreciate it while maintaining a healthier life for our kids. It is a reality that we should consider media use. And since there is no stopping us from utilizing it continuously, then we need to make adjustments. It’s much better if we focus more on quality time rather than disconnecting from our loved ones, especially our kids.

There’s no argument that technology is useful. However, the younger society is not yet ready for its domination. So for us adults, we need to be keen on what innovation is applicable for the particular use for our children.

Achieving Success In Business Through Technology


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5 Benefits Of Email To The Business Community


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Success in the business world requires you to evolve, and that includes adapting to modern technology. Ever since the birth of the internet, life has never been the same. Many software applications rose and helped in the advancement of many businesses. Among the most useful creations up to date is the email. Does anybody still use traditional posts nowadays to do business or exchange correspondence with clients and prospects? It seems none because all of the people who have the eye and heart of a real entrepreneur know exactly how email can help in achieving their goals. Read More “5 Benefits Of Email To The Business Community”