The Secret To Success: Time Management

The Secret To Success: Time Management

All of us are born with unique skills and abilities. Some may even be exemplary, but why is it that only a few make it to the top? Why do some become leaders and the most become followers? It seems that success is not for everyone. It may only be for the people who want it the most, the ones who are willing to do more than just trying. Success is for people who genuinely want it.


If you think your skills are far beyond most of the people in the office, yet you are still sitting next to the same people whom you think are ordinary, there must be something you are missing or overdoing. People are too busy that they forgot that all reveal in “time.” Yes, success is achievable when you start to learn how to manage your time wisely.

5 Time Management Secrets:

Don’t Be Always In A Hurry, Organize!

When you have a lot of tasks, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. Stay organized and accountable by making a list of everything you need to get done. — Sarah Farris, LCPC

Some of us may think that we will save time if we toss things around and clean it up if we are through with our primary tasks. However, it will cost us more time than we realize. For instance, when you are working on so many papers, it is best that you know where you stock them, so it would not take you ages to find them. Has it ever happened to you that something started missing the moment you needed it the most, but you knew it was just around?

Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart!

Contrary to what we traditionally know, the way to success is working smart, not working hard. Why would you punish yourself when you could do things the easy way? Try looking at and using applications which will make your tasks smoother. There are tons of software available created to help humans with everyday jobs. Don’t feel guilty and lazy about knowing the more practical way to do your job. Most people become burned out pushing themselves to their limits, and in the end get tired of their daily routine.



Your ability to quickly disconnect and be present to people is a competitive advantage. — Marcia Reynolds Psy.D.

Don’t Look Busy, Be Busy!

Newbies are usually the busiest in the room as they still have the desire to prove themselves and impress everyone around. Eventually, most employees in the office rush to look busy when the bosses pass by, but why look busy when you could truthfully be busy. Instead of waiting for your working time to end, use it to do what you came in the office for, and time will come that it will pay off.

Don’t Be A Perfectionist, Prioritize!

We have to learn to determine the tasks that need our utmost attention as we all have tons of things to do. When you are a perfectionist, you try to get all things done without considering the importance of each task. For instance, you are working from home. Which would you do first, your tasks or the house chores? You can do this both, but not at the same time, so know your priority and start from there.


Don’t Overwork, Take Time To Rest!

Acknowledge when your body is telling you it is tired. Don’t pressure yourself to finish all tasks in one day especially when you have already done the most important ones. If you are sleepy and exhausted, listen to your body and go home so that you could give your best again the next day.

Relaxation techniques, mindfulness, and meditation are some of the buzzwords that encompass practices that involve slowing down the mind and body. — Megan MacCutcheon, LPC

Perfecting time management skill is something the most of us are missing. We tend to focus on mastering our talent that we forget that time is the key to utilizing our abilities. Being able to organize, focus, and prioritize are simple ways we can learn to achieve our goals, and lack of these can lead to anxiety and exhaustion which hinders most of us from being successful.



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