Is Technology Good Or Bad For Our Mental Wellness: The Essential Qualities It Takes Away

Is Technology Good Or Bad For Our Mental Wellness: The Essential Qualities It Takes Away


Progress is always good. It is a sign that people are evolving. They have found a way to make living more fun and easy. However, there are certain qualities that innovation and technology take away, and things may never be the same.

Back then, hard work got its first word from its definition. People are putting their best effort to fulfill their task. People nowadays may say they are still working hard, and it is unfair to say otherwise, that they do what would make them more productive. However, set aside the fact that technology helps in a lot of different ways. How does technology affect our characteristics and attitude? What are the virtues that are slowly dying because of our desire to simplify life?

The greater the dispersion of access to technology across socioeconomic and geographic divides, the more change it facilitates. — Pamela B. Rutledge Ph.D., M.B.A.

What Are Our Characteristics And Attitudes That Are Slowly Fading?


The posts, newspapers, cinemas, and other classic ways are slowly becoming unknown. The generation today may not even know telegraph or typewriter anymore. Now, we have computers and phones to do the tasks that three of the things from the past combined can do. Do we still go out to do errands like getting something from the store or sending an important message to someone? No, we don’t anymore. It is a bad thing because we don’t give importance to effort anymore. It’s like spending all your energy and time on something is pathetic and desperate.


Technology, mainly the internet shows us a variety of options. Social media make us believe that we could have this and that. Maybe, it has a sense to it, but it teaches us is to look beyond what we have. We don’t focus on the present because we are busy eyeing what we can have. Does technology teach us to pause and ponder and make us realize what we can lose?

At times, our phones seem like portable parasites. We tend to overuse our devices, and this has a way of quietly leeching away our happiness and productivity. — Mike Brooks Ph.D.



The technology aims to simplify life. However, by definition, the reality may be contradicting. Life is way more complicated! It brings us closer to the people from across the globe. We may even converse with them from just commenting on a thread, but seriously, do we even know our neighbor’s name? We don’t value the friendship that much anymore. People skip from one job or relationship to another because it is that fast to find a replacement.


Notice how people disagree with each other on social media. There’s even bashing and cyberbullying, and though they could happen without the internet, it is undeniable that it has become an instrument for misguided pride and hostility towards other people. Sometimes, we need to weigh our thinking. Do we need to be right all the time, or can we also be sensitive?

You end up overestimating your capabilities and being disappointed at the end of the day because your work wasn’t of the quality that you expect of yourself or you weren’t able to check off everything on your task list. — Jim Taylor Ph.D.



They say that the primary use of technology is to provide convenience, to save us more time. Ironically, the clock is ticking faster than ever. We don’t even have enough hour in a day to do all the things we need to do. Haven’t you noticed we just celebrated Christmas last year? How many more days until we celebrate the next? Sometimes, you just want to slow down, but you can’t because the world you are in is changing swiftly.

Whether the technology is good or bad is entirely up to us. It is our preference that defines it because we have the decision to choose how we want to live our lives. It could unknowingly affect our mental wellness, but it is our judgment if we deem technology necessary, or we want to stay in the old ways and live life slowly and peacefully. We always have a choice in everything, and that’s something technology can never take away.


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