Benefits Of Securing Your Business Data Through Netsweeper

Benefits Of Securing Your Business Data Through Netsweeper

As more members of the family become enamored by the ease of viewing products and making purchases online, many business owners attempt to extend their storefront through the internet and increase their virtual presence. You may see various companies promoting their digital shops these days, regardless of how fresh or old their brands may be. Everyone seems to be aware of the profitability of embracing this technological trend.


Nevertheless, the success that your business may experience in the web is directly proportional to the amount of risk you be exposed yourself to. The higher your sales are, after all, the more it pulls the attention of cybercriminal groups that might be lurking to steal information or money.

A typical step that business folks take upon knowing that their online security may get threatened at some point is to employ Netsweeper’s reporting and manageability solutions. Here are the undeniable benefits of doing so.

Have Access To An Excellent Management Platform

Businesses need a web space where you and your staff can all commune to plan the services that you can offer, consider your web security options, and determine how the company can achieve its goals. Well, you can now perform such tasks and more without worrying about someone hacking into your system since Netsweeper has IT administrators who can safeguard your business information well.


Save Your Data From Human Errors And Criminal Acts

Big or small internet businesses may have an electric generator on hand to ensure that their services will not be immensely affected by power interruptions. The problem with it, though, is that it cannot protect any file that you have from being accidentally deleted by new personnel or when the device you stock them into collapses beyond repair. Because of that, it’s great to have Netsweeper’s integrated backup and restoration settings on your side to guarantee that all the details in your database will not be lost or damaged.

Receive Trigger-Based Incident Alerts Promptly

You can manage what is going on on your website even if you do not spend hours every day in front of the computer. You see, the web filtering company gives you the opportunity to receive incident web alerts as soon as they happen. What it means is that you may sort out the issues before they worsen.


Allow Temporary Bypass Controls On Block Page

Having temporary bypass controls on block pages help the company to receive detailed, granular reporting (per use or group). Some individuals or teams, after all, need to be able to access the entire network so that the online business tasks can be accomplished more smoothly. By employing Netsweeper’s services, the administrators of the website can set which parts of the site will be made available to them at any time and for how long.

Provide On Box Reporting Engine

Business owners can make reports on a specific box provided within the same engine. It will let you utilize your time and efforts in upgrading the website’s reporting and manageability solutions. Nevertheless, if it turns out to be an impractical service, your company opt for a separate reporting server.


Other Reporting And Manageability Benefits From Netsweeper

Site/URL Specific Reporting

There is a particular URL for every clickable page on the website. You can obtain reports about these links or the site in general to get an idea about the deeds that have transpired there.

Real-Time Reporting

You can also request for real-time reporting, which constitutes receiving immediate information regarding the changes made on your site. This way, you won’t feel shocked if someone alters parts of it.

Scheduled Reporting

Scheduled reporting is beneficial for business owners who wish to acquire comprehensive intelligence at certain points of the day, week or month. You will be able to set the exact time as well when the reports should be delivered.


Centralized Reporting

Since a virtual store is not like an actual shop where you can scope every section of it, it tends to be difficult for the proprietors to keep up with its daily activities. Luckily, centralized reporting allows you to see a detailed account of the site’s security, traffic, and utility – among other things – in one view.

Correlation And Prioritized Reporting

Netsweeper also provides a high-performance security information and event management (SIEM) resolution. Its function is to aid in interpreting and analyzing the data that go in the correlation and prioritized reports.

Final Thoughts

Internet security is a central factor of your business that you should always take into consideration Do not let your online store become easy prey for hackers, phishers, and malicious software developers. Other than protecting your possessions, you need to ensure that the personal details that your customers have entrusted to you are safe as well.

Fortunately, there are now web filtering companies like Netsweeper that have reporting and manageability solutions suited up for your internet business’s essentials. You won’t then feel too defenseless against cyber attacks in the future. All that’s left to do is find out what kinds of services your business requires.

Good luck!

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